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Child of the Month – Angelina

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Angelina ~ December 2001

Angelina is bright, spontaneous, and cheerful. She is often described as funny and she has a laid-back personality. Angelina loves to make friends and meet new people. She also loves playing sports and being a team player. Angelina’s favorites are track and field. Angelina does well in school and excels in math and science classes. She shows resilience in any situation and is adaptable to new surroundings. Angelina sometimes has low energy; however she is continuously learning ways to manage her emotions.  Angelina actively participates in supportive services that focus on self-esteem and she is very receptive to positive changes in her life. Angelina needs and wants a family to love her and care for her.

For More information, visit or call DFPS at 806-741-3232.