Lubbock Tap Water isn’t an Option

Lubbock Tap water isn’t an option.

It tastes bad

It is full of chlorine

It has unwanted dissolved minerals

Most Lubbock residents look for an alternative to tap water. Supermarkets sell millions of small water bottles every day. Some people don’t use the disposable bottles, and instead have 5 gallon jugs delivered to their home. Neither of these “solutions” are solutions at all.

Bottled Water = Bottled Waste

Buying bottles at the store has many drawbacks. You know how much waste small bottles cause; landfills stuffed with billions (yes, BILLIONS) of bottles used once and thrown away. This is one reason several people look for delivery of 5 gallon jugs for a water cooler. However, bottled water delivery has its problems too.

Big Bottle Delivery – Too Much Hassle

People hate bottled water delivery because they never show up when scheduled. If you’ve ever used one of these companies, you know how frustrating it is to get your water delivered. Lifting bottles in excess of 40 pounds is not for everyone.

So what’s the real solution so many people are using now?

Culligan Has a Better Solution

You can get bottled water quality right at your kitchen sink – without the hassle or waste of bottles! You won’t have to wait for another delivery again!

A Culligan system uses the same filters as bottled water, but it’s filtered right at your sink, giving you the freshest water possible without the drawbacks of bottles.

Connect to Fridges and Ice Makers Too!

Culligan can even connect fresh water to your fridge, giving you another option for endless, delicious water. That’s not possible with water bottles, big or small!

If you’re ready for a better solution for your drinking water needs, give us a call at 792-3341!

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Very courteous, friendly & knowledgeable. Prompt & quick to finish the job.

Lisa L., March 2017Lubbock, TX

Good water, good service & friendly people

Jerry T. , March 2017Lubbock, TX

The water in Wolfforth is terrible. We need a safe avenue to supply water to our household & Culligan has done that....Also, Joe is absolutely the BEST. Answered all my questions.

Roy S., March 2016Wolfforth, TX