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Child of the Month

Child of the Month – Fancy and Christian

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Fancy & Christian

Fancy and Christian ~ 2013 and 2011

These two are your perfect dynamite duo! Christian and Fancy are
fun-loving, adventurous and lively children who will charm their way
into your hearts faster than you would ever imagine.

These sweet children’s spirit and action-packed way of life will keep
you on your toes and excited for whatever adventures these two
decide to take. Fancy is all girl and equally all sass. She loves all
things girly and will offer to be your makeup and hairstyle specialist.
Christian is a lovable little guy who is always on the go and ready to
live life to the fullest. He has fun with Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers
and make-believe treasure hunts in the backyard. Fancy and Christian
will thrive in their “forever home”. Is it your home?