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Child of the Month

Children of the Month: Ethan & Joslynn

By March 10, 2016 No Comments

Ethan and Joslynn

Joslynn and Ethan are hoping to have a forever home soon. Although she is quiet and shy when she first meets someone, Joslynn is very talkative and chatty when she gets to know you. She likes riding her bike, swimming and playing at the park. Joslynn does well in school and overall has a very sweet personality.

Ethan is a busy little guy. He loves to play! Ethan isn’t fearful of much and he really likes to try new things. Ethan was born with DiGeorge syndrome. He is delayed in some areas and he requires extra attention. Ethan loves school and his favorite subject is PE. Just like his big sister, Ethan enjoys riding his bike and playing at the park. This happy twosome will bring lots of joy to a family.

For More information, visit www.AdoptChildren.org or call DFPS at 806-741-3232.