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Culligan’s Featured Children – January 2017

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Featured Children

Joslynn 1/07 ~ Ethan 1/08 ~ Serenity 3/09 ~ Armado 2/10 ~ Abraham 2/11 ~ Rianna and Brianna~ 3/12


This fabulous sibling group is full of love, life, mischief and adventure. They are ready to sail away on their next big journey in life. These amazing children are close to one another and would love a family to join in on their abounding love. They all come with their own distinct personalities and will keep you on your toes. Joslynn is a girly girl. She loves having her hair done and her nails painted. She loves going on outings and playing at the park with friends. Ethan loves to ride his bike, and skate board and play with his action figures. Ethan has DiGeorge Syndrome and must have continual supervision.   Serenity is loving, entertaining and someone you would want on your team. Amado is a little mischief maker who is all boy and enjoys life.  Abraham follows right alongside Amado, playing jokes that will keep you laughing.  Rianna and Brianna are twins who love everything that is girly.  They will throw you a lovely tea party and will also play strong with anyone who is willing to play along.  This is a very active group and enjoy being on the go. This super seven would benefit from a two parent home that is active, structured, consistent and understanding of the chaos that comes from a large, fun-loving sibling group.

For More information, visit or call DFPS at 806-741-3232.