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Culligan’s Featured Children – Margaret and Jared

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Margaret & Jared
Margaret is extremely intelligent and hopes to be a social worker someday. She likes mystery books, photography, and filming. Margaret loves to sing and has a lovely voice.  Her favorite types of music are alternative, indie and pop.  Previously in choir, Margaret is now involved in dance at school.  Margaret feels her only weakness is being shy with new people.  She has hope that someone will want to adopt she and Jared. Jared is very involved in sports and is a natural athlete. His favorite sport is basketball. Jared is currently making A’s and B’s. Jared is very smart when he applies himself. Jared likes to work out and feels it gives him positive thoughts and behaviors. Action and comedies are Jared’s favorite type of movies. Jared has a great sense of humor and tends to be very open and honest. Jared is always willing help people in need and has empathy for other foster children. Jared would like a forever family for him and his sister and wants to have a “normal life”.

For More information, visit or call DFPS at 806-741-3232.