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If you’re reading this, you must know how bad Lubbock water is, but finding a solution isn’t easy. Why? Misleading advertising, confusing claims and bad information make it hard to truly find the right solution for water in your home. Maybe you’ve tried buying bottled water at the store and are fed up with all the empty bottles lying around and the endless trips to buy more. Or maybe your water deliveries have your pulling out your hair from frustration. Whatever the reason, you’re probably tired of wondering what to look in order to have great quality water with no hassles. So how do you find that solution?

You start by reading this Consumer’s Guide. In this guide, you’ll learn five reasons your tap water isn’t cutting it and four facts that are driving bottled water delivery companies to extinction.  You’ll also learn about a great solution and several benefits of filtered water at your sink, including some you’ve never considered before.

We wrote this guide to help you better understand improving drinking water at home. Now with this information, you can make an informed and intelligent decision.

If you have any questions about improving drinking water, you’re invited to call us at 806-792-3341. Our business is dedicated to improving lives, and that includes through educating customers. We’ll be happy to help you in every way we can.


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5 Important Reasons Why Lubbock Water Should Be Treated

  • Erosion and runoff lead to dissolved solids and other substances getting into your water. Some of the substances found in Lubbock water are Calcium, Magnesium. (Source)
  • Sulfur is found in Lubbock water, and in some cases causes your water to have a rotten eggs smell to it.
  • Private well water and city water are different. Often, homes using a water well will have worse water quality than city-regulated water sources.
  • According to the City of Lubbock 2016 Water Quality Report, Lubbock water contains low levels of arsenic. Lubbock water meets the EPA’s standard, while the EPA continues to research the health effects of low levels of arsenic. (Report)
  • The Lubbock Water Quality Report also cautions that people with Immune System Deficiencies may be more vulnerable than the general population to certain microbial contaminants in drinking water. Certain drinking water systems can help filter out several substances that are present in your water.

How to Avoid 5 Unsavory Tactics from “Water Experts”

  • Be aware of door-to-door sales tactics. It isn’t unheard of for people posing as “water experts” to walk up and down a street trying to talk to anyone who will listen about their solutions. Sometimes these people are just trying to take advantage of homeowners.
  • Unsolicited meetings at your home which is another facet of door-to-door selling. If someone asks to check water in your home, and you didn’t request that meeting, that “Water expert” may be trying to take advantage of you.
  • If there isn’t an official uniform and/or vehicle, confirm the legitimacy of who’s visiting your home before allowing someone inside or allowing them to handle any of your appliances or water meter. If you’re unsure of the legitimacy of a water expert, call their company to confirm employment and confirm that they were expected to visit your home. Most water companies outfit their employees with official uniforms and a vehicle with official branding.
  • Be wary of scare tactics – sometimes people claiming to be experts will try to manipulate opinions by trying to trigger fear. Hard water is not inherently unhealthy or unsafe unless it has high levels of dangerous substances.
  • If a salesperson is offering a price that’s too good to be true, that’s probably because it is. A water system isn’t just a one-time install. It requires routine maintenance and an absurdly low price either means the company has no interest in helping with service, or they plan on charging additional money for any service – routine or emergency.

4 Facts That Are Destroying Bottled Water Delivery Companies

  • Bottled water delivery ratings are at an all-time low; customers are frustrated with erratic deliveries and wondering whether they will have drinking water available today.
  • Scheduling bottled water drop-offs and pick-ups can be tough when companies require customers to plan around the companies’ schedules regularly, whether it’s weekly, monthly, or a different schedule.
  • Another hang-up of bottle water delivery is the potential for your bottles to sit in a truck all day without temperature regulation, meaning your water may be hot when it gets to your house.
  • For some people, changing jugs in their water dispenser is a real chore, as lifting and flipping a 40-pound jug is no easy task.

7 Outstanding Ways Reverse Osmosis Improves Water – Including Some You’ve Never Considered!

  • Reverse osmosis systems remove contaminants from your water as they come to your sink, and flows into a storage tank of clean water.
  • Better drinking water is right at your fingertips with a faucet right at your kitchen sink.
  • Tea and coffee are made up of at least 90% water. Better water equals better tea and coffee.
  • Anything you cook with water can be prepared with better water from a reverse osmosis system. Pasta and vegetables cooked and cleaned with better water will not have hard water minerals sticking to them.
  • Ice and water dispensers, often found in modern refrigerators, can be connected to a reverse osmosis system. This provides you an even easier way to have better water and ice right at your fingertips.
  • Many plants benefit from a mixture of RO water and nutrients. Not dealing with hard water means the grower has more control over what they feed their plants.
  • Over time, any water filter will need to be replaced. Many owned filters, and store-bought systems will wear out and continue to be used while producing poor quality water. RO systems need to be changed out regularly, and some companies take care of this for the customer. Few even offer it at no additional cost.

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