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The Purpose Behind Culligan’s Featured Child

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The Purpose Behind Culligan's Featured Child

At Culligan one thing we are passionate about (besides great water) is adoption. Every month since 2008, our customers have received a beautiful picture of a child in our region who needs a family of their own.

In 2014, there were 31,176 children in foster care in Texas. As of January 2015, 4,041 of those children were legally available for adoption. When a child is taken into the custody of the state there are two main goals. The first is for the safety of that child. The second is to ultimately reunify that child with his birth family.

However, for many this reunification is unsuccessful or not a possibility. These children may then be placed for adoption. These children may be from newborn to 18 years old. They can belong to any race or ethnicity.  They may be one of a sibling group who need to be adopted together. They may have a special physical, medical or emotional need. One thing that is true of all these children is that through absolutely no fault of their own, their lives have been dramatically disrupted and they as children are powerless to change this. One of the sad realities of foster care is that the disruption can continue over and over due to the many changing circumstances involved. These children do not have a mom or dad or dog or home to call their own.

There is only one solution to these children’s need – a family.  Texas families who will open their hearts and homes to believe that with God’s help they can make room for one more, or two or six.

Joel and I have twelve children ages 12 – 34. Three of our twelve are adopted.  We are well acquainted with the challenges of parenthood!  Every child, birthed or adopted, comes with their unique set of challenges some more so than others! But the truth is that no matter what, these children, God’s children, are WORTH IT!

Please continue to put these beautiful faces on your refrigerator door and pray for more Texas families to step up and say “YES” to the adoption of these beautiful, waiting children. Maybe your family…

For more information on adoption in Texas, visit
Texas Adoption Resource Exchange

-Betsy Tardy