Lubbock Soft Water Systems

Dealing with hard water in the home can be something of a surprise to new homeowners. Hard water can leave residue and soap scum in the shower, minerals build up in the shower heads and faucets, and even your skin and hair are susceptible to hard water issues. With a Culligan Lubbock soft water filter there’s a difference you can see and feel. Count on Culligan to install your personal water filtration systems in Lubbock TX.

Why Should You Have a Soft Water System Installed?

For more than 50 years Culligan Lubbock has been successfully installing and maintaining water softening systems in the local area. For a small monthly fee with no contract, we take care of everything for you. With a Culligan Lubbock water softener system in your home you can look forward to:

  • Hassle-Free Service – Each soft water filter in Lubbock TX is serviced by our team. Any issues or malfunctions are handled by a professional, right away.
  • Safe and Sanitary Water – As part of our service agreement, we provide more than just a quick inspection; we check every connection and aspect of your soft water system to ensure it’s producing the best quality water possible.
  • Better Water – Having an at home water softener system in Lubbock TX reduces the amount of damage to pipes, appliances, water heaters skin and more.

Interested in More Information Regarding Lubbock Soft Water Filter and Installation?

For more information about the benefits of having a Culligan Lubbock soft water filter in your home, contact a member of our team. Get ready to experience the difference with Culligan water filtration systems in Lubbock TX!

$10 Per MONTH


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Customer Reviews


Service man very professional in greeting, work and explanation of procedures. Water tastes good.

Carl R., December 2016Lubbock, TX

I love the water system! The service today was great! He was on time, very polite and respectful of me and my time.

Wonderful L., December 2016Lubbock, TX

Joe, the Culligan man was extremely efficient on to looking and checking everything that was to be working correctly and even disinfected our water spout. Great guy!

Howard M., December 2016Lubbock, TX