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Magnesium – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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Magnesium is a natural mineral found in many foods, dietary supplements and medicines.  It can increase energy, relieve muscle pain and even prevent migraines. However, Magnesium isn’t always beneficial. Magnesium found in water is considered “hard” water and is a nuisance!  It irritates your skin and hair, and leaves behind scum and residue throughout your home. Fortunately, Culligan Water Systems are designed to eliminate this problem!

The Good – Magnesium in your body

Magnesium in food or supplements has numerous health benefits when digested. It not only plays a major part in energy production, but contributes to the structural development of our bones, DNA and RNA. Magnesium also works in the transports of calcium and potassium ions, a process vital to nerve impulses, muscle contraction and a normal heart rhythm. Bottom line, Magnesium is absolutely beneficial to the human body!


The Bad – Magnesium flowing in your water

While Magnesium is indeed beneficial in foods, its presence in your water is less admirable.  Magnesium is actually a solid chemical defined as an “alkaline earth-metal.” It has a shiny grey appearance, and looks like a futuristic space rock.  In fact, when aged stars explode into a supernova, Magnesium is expelled into space!  Magnesium

As interesting as this metal may look, it can be detrimental when it finds its way into the water here on earth.  Water with high levels of magnesium is considered “hard”.  Hard water affects everything it touches: skin, hair, clothes, dishes, pipes and more.

Hard water is also wasteful.  You will use twice as much of your cleaning products to get the job done.  Soaps such as detergents and shampoos do not mix well or rinse-off well from your dishes, clothes or body like it should, leaving behind scum and dryness.  

The Ugly – Long term effects of magnesium and hard water

Magnesium residue or scum can cause long-term issues when left in your toilet bowl, faucets, shower heads and appliances throughout your home.  This residue builds up inside your pipes, water heaters and appliances.  Eventually the hard water will leave rust, stains or completely clog pipes.  The photos below prove just how ugly hard water can be! DrainCrusted Faucet

The Solution – Culligan Water Softeners

Culligan offers a solution that eliminates the bad and ugly effects of hard water flowing through your home.  Our systems are designed to “soften” your water by filtering out the magnesium sediments that are creating havoc.

Call your Lubbock Culligan Man at 792-3341 to schedule an appointment. Or learn more about soft water from Culligan HERE.

We will perform a free water test to show you the magnesium levels in your water.  Relax, breathe easy and start enjoying quality life without the ugly effects of hard water!