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Post Workout Water

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Post Workout Water

Workout with Water

Many health websites list working out and drinking water as top strategies for boosting your energy and health. These two activities go hand and hand; during and after a workout replenish your body with water!

What is the Best Kind of Workout?

If this is your question, be encouraged that even the simplest activities have health benefits. It doesn’t have to be extreme CrossFit or running a 5K every day to count. Whatever physical exercise you may choose: yoga, jogging or even walking- will burn calories, send oxygen and nutrients throughout your body and increase your energy level. But after that great workout, don’t forget, you’ll need to turn to another energy boosting activity – hydrating your body with water!

Sports Drinks Aren’t the Answer

After a hard workout one of the most important things you can do is hydrate. Many people think a sugary sports drink is the answer. We often see pro athletes (sponsored by sport drink companies), drinking colorful liquid from fancy bottles after a grueling workout. In reality they aren’t doing their bodies any favor. Ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup and color additives can actually lead to blood sugar spikes and crashes.

Water is a much better option. Drinking water throughout the day is important; but especially during and after a workout to replenish your tired body and prevent dehydration.

Getting more from your Water

Water with Lemon and HonerIf you’re concerned about missing out on the electrolytes those sports drinks contain, then reach instead for a lemon and honey. These natural ingredients will provide the electrolytes your body needs and are cheaper than sports drinks too! Honey is considered to be a “super-food”. Pure honey, mixed with water or food, goes a long way in recovering carbohydrates lost during exercise, without adding back high doses of glucose. This prevents a spike in your blood sugar, followed by a potentially dangerous drop that other post-workout supplements can cause.

Learn more about the amazing benefits of honey here.

Stay Hydrated and Healthy!

The best workouts include quality H2O!  While sports drinks are advertised as super-drinks for active people, the truth is most are filled with unnecessary and unbeneficial fillers and sugars. For a sure-fire replenishing beverage, stick with the original super drink – WATER!  Add lemon and honey for even more benefits and flavor.

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