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Joe is friendly, professional and knowledgeable

Rick K., January 2016
Lubbock, TX

Enjoy the service

Always very friendly and helpful. Enjoy the service

Earl L., January 2016
Lubbock, TX

Good job

Joe does a good job--he is friendly and efficient

Richard H., January 2016
Lubbock, TX

Very informative

Very informative and professional

Eurlee C., January 2016
Lubbock, TX

Customer well over 25 years

We have been your customer well over 25 years. You always come at the time you say you will and do the work very well. Thank you.

Gladys E. , January 2016
Lubbock, TX

Friendly personnel

Most personable & friendly personnel. Very efficient

La Nell E., January 2016
Lubbock, TX

Great service

Great service, thanks

Del R., January 2016
Lubbock, TX

Outstanding Service

Outstanding service and quality drinking water

Perry H., December 2015
Lubbock, TX

Professional and friendly

Joe was professional and friendly. He was also knowledgeable in regard to the work he was performing. He did a good job!

Lindsey C., December 2015
Lubbock, TX

Very neat

Joe was very polite, very efficient and very neat

Marlin P., December 2015
Lubbock, TX

Did a great job!

The young man did a great job! Shannon told me everything that he was doing. Very polite & left everything better than it was.

Richard K., December 2015
Lubbock, TX

Execution of plan

I appreciate the knowledge initiative and execution of plan by the employees and mgt that came out to the house

Sheela N., December 2015
Lubbock, TX

Working for many years

You changed the appointment for me. Repairman worked quickly. He was polite. Culligan has kept our system working for many years.

Maudene D., December 2015
Lubbock, TX

Cleaned area

Joe was very friendly, clean & mannerl. He cleaned the area as he worked.

Jeannette B., December 2015
Slaton, TX

Pleasant person

Very pleasant person and quite efficient

Alan W., December 2015
Lubbock, TX

Finished in no time

The gentleman's name is Joe. He was very friendly, began his task immediately and was finished in no time. We appreciated him.

Fred J. , December 2015
Lubbock, TX

Good people

Good product, good service and good people

Kyle A., December 2015
Lubbock, TX

Good service

Good service, good employees that are polite

Sue M., December 2015
Lubbock, TX

In and out quickly

Came during the allotted time. Was in and out of here quickly and did not leave a mess. In fact, put my soap bottles & etc. back into cabinet

Deborah M, December 2015
Lubbock, TX

Tolerated our dog

Joe was great, efficient and on time. Even tolerated our dog!

Terry E., November 2015
Lubbock, TX

Wonderful tasting water

Wonderful tasting water, great service. Professional and friendly techs

Harry C., November 2015
Lubbock, TX

High marks

High marks for promptness, professionalism and pricing!

Roger R., November 2015
Lubbock, TX

Used Culligan for years

We have used Culligan for a number of years and have always been pleased with the service!

Jacqueline W., November 2015
Lubbock, TX

Well trained servicemen

Prompt, courteous, efficient and knowledgeable. Thank you for having well trained service men.

Beth B., November 2015
Lubbock, TX

Knows his business

He is very pleasant, courteous and knows his business

Nell T., November 2015
Lubbock, TX

Good appearance

Very efficient - did not waste time - good appearance - friendly

D.J. P., November 2015
Lubbock, TX

Wonderful service

Wonderful service. Joe was great.

Gretchen R., November 2015
Lubbock, TX


Joe was awesome. Very thorough.

Kyle W., November 2015
Lubbock, TX


Prompt, courteous service (Shannon)

Maxine S., November 2015
Lubbock, TX

BEST customer service

Culligan has the BEST customer service! They are knowledgeable, friendly and their technicians who come to my home have always been courteous and nice (Jjoe)

Judy T. , November 2015
Lubbock, TX

Friendly techs

Great service! Friendly techs

Angie H., November 2015
Lubbock, TX

Explained what he was doing

Joe was very courteous & explained what he was doing.

Shannon J., November 2015
Lubbock, TX

Always a pleasure

Joe was great! Always a pleasure.

Wendi W., November 2015
Wolfforth, TX

Please with Culligan’s service

We are pleased with Culligan's service - especially with Joe. He is courteous & professional.

Jerry D., November 2015
Lubbock, TX

Nice surprise!

Bryant put the cleaning items back under my sink after he replaced the filters. Nice surprise!

Allison P., November 2015
Lubbock, TX

Above and beyond

Very professional and went above and beyond our expectations (Joe)

TTU Ele., November 2015
Lubbock, TX


Joe was very polite and thorough

Claudia B., October 2015
Lubbock, TX

Very good and efficient technician

Very good & efficient technician. Knowledgeable, courteous and neat. Really impressed with the back pack dolly for the ro unit

Dale T., October 2015
Lubbock, TX

Top quality product

Top quality product, service and people

Loretta R., October 2015
Lubbock, TX

Always great service

I have recommended your service. Always great service and polite workers

Alison M., October 2015
Lubbock, TX

Changes that will help

He made changes that will help to get our ice maker going again

Joy M., October 2015
Lubbock, TX

Professional staff

Excellent service and professional staff

Mitos G., October 2015
Lubbock, TX

Very efficient

As always, you are on time and very efficient Thank you!

Helen H., October 2015
Lubbock, TX

Clear explanation of services

Quick, easy & friendly, clear explanation of services

Jerrod B., October 2015
Lubbock, TX

All you advertize it to be

You people are very professional & courteous. Your product is all you advertise it to be

Karl C., October 2015
Lubbock, TX

Always responsive

Always responsive with excellent service and professionalism

Kenneth R., October 2015
Lubbock, TX

An excellent service man

Joe is such an excellent service man. He is competent and very pleasant. Service people come at scheduled time.

Marcia A., October 2015
Lubbock, TX

Nice gentleman

Nice gentleman. Talked respectfully

Sankami G., September 2015
Lubbock, TX

Great people skills

On time, organized, knowledgeable & professional with great people skills. You are lucky to have him!

Scott R., September 2015
Lubbock, TX

Culligan is great!

Culligan is great! Customer service is excellent. Joe was very professional, knowledgeable and courteous!

Jo w., September 2015
Lubbock, TX

Culligan keeps up with notifying

Very friendly technician, Culligan keeps up with notifying us when it's time for service so we don't have to

Estelle D., September 2015
Lubbock, TX

On time

On time, friendly and explained everything

Leslie S., September 2015
Lubbock, TX

Always helpful

Always helpful & service is done quickly

Patti F., September 2015
Lubbock, TX

More than Satisfied

Joe has been here several times and has always been more than satisfied. We will be disappointed if you send anyone else.

Patsy P., September 2015
Lubbock, TX

Services for Decades

have had your ro and soft water services for decades & have always been pleased with service

Susan L., September 2015
Lubbock, TX

Best Customer Service

Best customer service in Lubbock! Had your service more than 20 years.

Ronlad H., September 2015
Lubbock, TX

Good work

Excellent service! Keep up the good work

Lindsey R., September 2015
Lubbock, TX

No Mess!

Joe changed out filters in a neat manner - wiped up water spills--No Mess!

Arthur B., September 2015
Lubbock, TX

Informative and friendly

Prompt appointment & gentleman was prompt, efficient, informative and friendly

Dawn F., September 2015
Lubbock, TX



ROD M., September 2015
Lubbock, TX

Count on Culligan

Joe and staff was on time, friendly and got the job done. After 2 years, I know I can count on Culligan.

ERIC G., September 2015
Lubbock, TX

Very professional

Joe was very professional in his service and pleasant

Maribeth W., September 2015
Lubbock, TX

Asset for Culligan

Shannon was thorough, kind, very knowledgeable, and is an asset for Culligan

Lois Tanner, September 2015
Lubbock, TX

Never had a problem

The service is great Joe was very nice & friendly. I have never had any problems with the services. Thank you.

Diana H., September 2015
Lubbock, TX

Congenial & most helpful

Armando was so congenial & most helpful in both locations. He said my daughter's unit was the oldest he had changed & took the time to replace all needed. I will request that he service both of our appointments we make. Such good rep of Culligan!

Cora G., September 2015
Lubbock, TX

courtesy in the office

Promptness and courtesy in the office & out

Gwen G., September 2015
Lubbock, TX

Excellent job

Love the water & good service. Joe did an excellent job in changing out the system.

Joyce H., August 2015
Lubbock, TX

Pleased with Culligan

We are pleased with the Culligan drinking water system and the service they provide.

Kelly E., August 2015
Lubbock, TX

Very pleased

I was very pleased with the efficiency & knowledge of these two men. They were very mannerly & nice as well. If the products are as good as the service, I will be very pleased.

Tom L., August 2015
Lubbock, TX

Worked diligently

Shannon was polite, pleasant & professional. He worked diligently & explained all the work he was doing to our water system. Very prompt & efficient

Liz K., August 2015
Lubbock, TX

Excellent service tech

Prompt & efficient. Great RO system. Excellent service tech

Marvin M., August 2015
Lubbock, TX

Price is right

The water is wonderful, the service is great & the price is right.

Wendell w., August 2015
Lubbock, TX

His immediate awareness

Shannon was great! I appreciate his immediate awareness of the problem, his repairs and his advice!

Tracey M., August 2015
Shallowater, TX

Great job!

Shannon did a great job!

Reagan L., August 2015
Lubbock, TX

Reps were wonderful1

All reps were wonderful! Showed up on time and did a fantastic job. All friendly and courteous. Thank you for excellent customer service.

Deanna H., August 2015
Shallowater, TX

Good service

Good service, friendly & courteous employees, good product.

Bob C., August 2015
Lubbock, TX

Good product

Good product, good service and great personnel

Mike S., August 2015
Lubbock, TX


Joe was prompt, courteous & knowledgeable. He was also thorough.

Penny W. , August 2015
Lubbock, TX

Great water

Great water, great guys servicing.

Stephanie S., August 2015
Lubbock, TX

Office People

Office people as well as service people are extremely helpful

Dorene A., August 2015
Lubbock, TX

On time as promised

Service is always on time as promised

Susan B., August 2015
Lubbock, TX

Cleaning the area

Your employee was prompt, courteous and efficient in replacing our tank, filters, lines and cleaning the area. Thank you!

Patty J., August 2015
Lubbock, TX

Fixed issue quickly

Shannon was very courteous & explained problems and explained services. Fixed issue quickly.

Richard T. , August 2015
Lubbock, TX

Very satifisfied

We have always been very satisfied with the service we have received from Culligan, very polite and professional.

Amanda Woolsey, August 2015
Lubbock, TX

Very detailed

The service agent was timely, friendly and very detailed in his work. He was by far the most detailed and complete worker we experienced with Culligan.

Kerry G., August 2015
Lubbock, TX

Servicing my system

Very courteous, precise & did a great clean job of servicing my Culligan system

Christine K., August 2015
Lubbock, TX

Couldn’t talk him into running the vacuum

Joe was neat, well groomed, courteous and most professional. The only complaint was my wife could not talk him into mopping the kitchen and running the vacuum before he left.

Dwight D., August 2015
Lubbock, TX

Water is great!

Great service and water is great!

Jeff S., July 2015
Wolfforth, TX

Very personable

Very personable. Shannon did a great job!

Judy W., July 2015
Lubbock, TX

Cleaned up well

Joe arrived when he was supposed to, worked efficiently, answered all my questions. Was pleasant, cleaned up well.

Jo M., July 2015
Lubbock, TX

Certainly recommend Culligan

We are very pleased with our service & product. If the opportunity presented itself, we would certainly recommend Culligan service.

Glenda B., July 2015
Lubbock, TX

Proud to call him son

this young man was so professional & went out of his way to be sure I was happy & understood all about it. I would be proud to call him son. I only want him.

Eva S., July 2015
Lubbock, TX

Easy to talk to

Joe did a good & professional job. Was friendly & easy to talk with

Owen H., July 2015
Lubbock, TX

Love the taste of the H20

Because I love the taste of the H20 & the service is excellent by Joe

Teresa B., July 2015
Lubbock, TX

Does not waste time

Joe is a great employee, neat & courteous. Does not waste his time or mine. I really like your company and would be lost without your product.

Margaret I., July 2015
Lubbock, TX

Very pleasant

Serviceman was very pleasant & courteous. He seemed to know just what the problem was & quickly fixed it.

Jackie B., July 2015
Lubbock, TX

Polite and efficient

Shannon was polite & efficient & did a great job

Linda J., July 2015
Lubbock, TX

Proactive in finding solutions

Professional & helpful. Proactive in finding solutions.

Van E., July 2015
Lubbock, TX

Very knowledgeable

Shannon was very knowledgeable and courteous.

David S., June 2015
Lubbock, TX

Excellent service

Joe was very polite. He gave us excellent service and left the work area very orderly. Culligan is great!

Verda W., June 2015
Lubbock, TX



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