As you may realize, about 60% of your body is made up of water. You’re also probably aware that drinking water is important to staying healthy. So where do you get your water from?

Buying bottles of water to drink is kind of funny, since you should have perfectly good water flowing from every faucet in your house. But if you live around Lubbock and ever drink water from a house faucet, you probably know how bad the water here tastes. Don’t be discouraged because there’s a solution to get great tasting water at your sink, and save all those bottles!

What’s wrong with bottled water?

By now I’m sure you’ve heard a hundred times how much waste Americans are responsible for. A lot of that comes from water bottles. While many people are glad to recycle their bottles, reducing the amount used can have an even more beneficial impact. If you care for more info on bottled water waste, go HERE.

What does better water mean?

Culligan has an amazing solution to get better water in your home, right at your sink! A Reverse Osmosis system can provide better water for you and your family without the need for constantly buying bottles. Just fill up your glass, and your ready to go!

Reverse Osmosis under Sink

Whereas most people only use bottled water for its most obvious purpose (drinking water), an RO system makes it easier to have better water in everything else too. Coffee and Tea started with Culligan water can taste better. Pasta and other meals prepared with water automatically have a better quality ingredient. Many people have even gotten better ice with their reverse osmosis system. In some cases a water line can run from your RO system to your fridge’s ice maker.

An RO system is far more useful than bottles, and doesn’t hurt the environment like bottles can. If you want to skip the bottle and get better water in your home, call Culligan at 806-792-3341 and get started!

RO Faucet