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Soft Water Part 1

By October 6, 2016 No Comments

Soft Water is full of benefits. It saves you money in many ways, and improves the feel and appearance of you and your home. In part one of this two-part series we’re going to look at some aesthetic benefits of having soft water in your home.

Cleaner and healthier hair and skin

Water in West Texas is full of impurities and ground-up minerals; we like to call it hard water. Hard water leaves behind some of these minerals in everything it touches, with varying degrees of detriments. When it’s left on your skin and hair after bathing it can make you feel dried out. Soft water gets you completely clean, with nothing left behind but beautiful skin and hair.

For anyone suffering from eczema, soft water may help provide relief. A 2011 study of eczema-affected participants brought back results that almost all participants experienced less itchiness in their time using a water softener. Soft water doesn’t directly improve eczema, but it can help with symptoms, and for others can help improve dry skin.

Spotless dishes

If you have washed clear glasses with hard water for long, you recognize the filmy, hazy look classes gather even after being “cleaned”. The truth is, much like with your skin, hard water leaves behind soap residue that dries onto your dishes and silverware. This can leave your glasses looking hazy, your forks with spots, and your plates looking less than clean.

Culligan-hard-vs-softWhile your dishwasher should be getting everything clean, it’s actually cleaning off everything EXCEPT the soap, which doesn’t quite seem right. Soft water doesn’t stick to soap and surfaces the way hard water does, and that benefits your dishes by rinsing them completely clean.

Clean clothes and Towels

Are you starting to see the pattern yet? Washing clothes in hard water has many of the same drawbacks as washing your skin and dishes. Soap gets left behind and stuck because of the minerals in hard water.

Before too long, washing towels in hard water makes them start to flatten out and feel prickly. Soft water keeps your towels fluffy and looking new. Clothes are benefitting by getting completely clean. All this can be done while using half as much detergent, without the need for fabric softerner!

Read Part 2 (coming soon) to find out how soft water can save you time and money!