Soft Water


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Save Time and Get a Clean House

Hard water leaves calcium and magnesium spots and scum on everything it touches. With soft water, you will not have those spots so your bathroom and kitchen will be easier to keep clean and looking good. Your dishes will also come out cleaner without the hard water spots.

Protect Your Appliances from the Damage of Hard Water

Hard water can damage appliances with crusty buildup and clogged lines.  A water softener from Culligan Water keeps your appliances cleaner and helps extend their life.

Save Money by Using Less Soap

You will use a lot less soap with soft water, up to 50% less. The hard minerals in the water require more soap to make suds. With soft water, only a small amount of soap is needed. You can save money by using less soap in your dishwasher, washing machine, shower and bath, and everywhere in your house.

Protect Counter Tops and Faucets

Hard water can damage granite counter tops and every faucet in the house. Soft water will protect your counters and faucets and keep them looking new.


The hard minerals in the water can cause your skin to be dry and itchy. With soft water from Culligan Water, your hair and skin will feel softer and more luxurious – with less soap!
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Because of our extensive tests over the last 20 years, we know the water in and around Lubbock and we know the best equipment to treat the water. We test every piece of equipment multiple times before it ever leaves our Lubbock plant. By testing the water that comes out of our equipment, we know exactly what the equipment is doing and if it is working properly. We test it in our plant, we test it before it leaves our plant, we test it when we install it in your house and we test it every 12 months.

Every 12 Months

We do a 27-point inspection and test the water every 12 months. Your system is properly maintained so it continues to produce high quality soft water. You don’t even need call us. We will notify you when its time to come. We take care of everything.


The Right Equipment for West Texas Water

The water in West Texas is extremely hard – anything as high as 100+ GPG is considered hard. City water is about 18 GPG and well water can go as high as 65 GPG. If the right equipment is not used, it will not work properly and cause lots of problems. We test the water and determine the appropriate type of equipment needed for each situation.

Benefits of Using Culligan:

  • Rent or Purchase
  • Pay for one month at a time and you can cancel any time
  • All maintenance and filter changes are included in the monthly fee
  • All service calls are included in the monthly fee
  • We let you know when it’s time for service – you don’t have to remember to call us
  • We take care of everything

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