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The Many Uses of Your RO System

By September 29, 2016 No Comments

The major use of Reverse Osmosis water is for drinking. RO water can improve the water right at your kitchen sink, and replace the need for buying bottles and jugs of water for your home. RO water is known for being an easy way to get bottle-quality water to drink in your home. But drinking water isn’t the only use for RO water, not by a long shot. Using water filtered through a Culligan reverse osmosis system can improve anything it touches.

hot coffeeBrewing Coffee/Tea

If you brew coffee or tea at home, using your RO water to make those drinks can make a good cup become a GREAT one! Many coffee shops use a reverse osmosis system to make their beverages. Get high quality coffee and tea at home by starting with the most important ingredient – water!



Similar to the way RO water improves any drink, it can improve any food that comes in contact with. If what you’re cooking uses water – such as pasta – using RO water will improve the quality of your meal! Many meals cooked on the stove use water and are perfect opportunities to use BETTER water.

window-cleaningCleaning Windows

Dirty windows can be a problem for anyone, and cleaning them can be quite the chore. If you’re one who cleans your own windows with water from home, using your RO system to clean can help ensure spot-free and streak-free windows!



Watering Plants

RO water is great for watering plants because it doesn’t have impurities that can be detrimental to plants. Fertilizers can have negative reactions to some impurities in unfiltered water. Reverse Osmosis water puts more control in the gardener’s hands – so you can start with clean water and balance any beneficial minerals and “plant food” you want to use much easier.

What do you use water for?

An RO system can improve water right at your kitchen sink for several everyday uses. Whether you just want a good drink or need to feed your plants, RO goes way beyond what most use bottled water for. We’d love to hear what you use your water for, so leave us a comment on Facebook if you want to!

If you want more information on an RO system in your home, CLICK HERE. To get even more out of your home’s water, you might be interested in Soft Water.