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Water Softening for Lubbock and West Texas

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Why Water Softening is Important in Lubbock, TX

You may not know this but Lubbock water is among the hardest water in America. If you don’t have a water softener, this combination of calcium, magnesium and manganese in your water is likely damaging your pipes and fixtures, and costing you unnecessary time, effort, and soap.

What is “Hard Water”?

Hard water just means that there are impurities throughout the water besides just the elements hydrogen and oxygen. Water hardness is measured in grains per gallon (GPG). This measurement is the number of grains (1 grain=64.8 milligrams) of calcium dissolved in a gallon of water. Rain water is naturally “soft,” but once it goes through the rocks and soil in the ground, municipal water treatment plants, and eventually to your house, it has picked up impurities. Calcium, magnesium, and some other impurities dissolve into the water and isn’t taken out by the water treatment plants.

The map below illustrates water hardness around the US. As you can see, Lubbock falls into the “Very Hard Water” class, with over 10.5 GPG. Many homes in Lubbock have water much harder than that, even above 25 GPG! This may explain why you’ve noticed so many of the effects of hard water in your home.


What Does Hard Water Affect?

While hard water isn’t harmful to your health, it is the cause of many problems around the house:

  • Spots on glasses and other dishes
  • Ring in the bathtub
  • Soap scum on surfaces
  • Decreased cleaning abilities of soaps and detergents
  • Inefficient water heaters from mineral buildup
  • Clogged pipes from mineral buildup

What Can I Do About Hard Water?

For solutions to all of these problems, a well maintained water softener is the answer. With a softener less soap will clean more effectively, spots on dishes and bathtub rings won’t be a problem, and clothes will be truly cleaner when washed.

Water Softening Isn’t One Size Fits All

Water softening isn’t as plain as just buying a machine and plugging it in, especially in Lubbock, Texas. With the extreme water hardness here, softeners need to be fine tuned to properly address our problems. Culligan Lubbock knows what you need and can help you find the solution you’re looking for in a water softener. We’re sure that you’ll notice a difference, not only in how your water feels and treats everything it touches, but also in the amount of time, effort, and soap that is necessary to do every household task water is used to complete.

For more information on how we can solve your hard water problems, call us at 806-792-3341.