Welcome to the Blog!

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Welcome to the Culligan Lubbock Blog!

Welcome! I’m glad you found your way to the Culligan Lubbock blog. Whether this is the first day of the blog being up or it’s been out for months and is accompanied by many other posts, I hope you’ll get a lot out of the blog as a whole. We’re excited to finally have this started, as months of planning and work has gone into making this a reality.

What This Blog is For

Our aim for this blog is to provide answers to questions about water filtration, and to give tips on how to get the most out of your water. From time to time we’ll also post to encourage readers to be healthier through drinking more water and fun ways to integrate water into their lives. Additionally, we’ll be using using this platform to promote endeavors we’re involved in helping through posts like “Child of the Month” with The Texas DFPS.

When to Expect Posts

Our plan is to post regularly on this blog. So every week or two, be looking for a new post with quality information that is meant to help readers in all situations, whether you are a Culligan customer or not.

Have suggestions or questions?

We want to make sure we’re providing you, the reader, with quality content in every post. One great way to guarantee that is for you to ask us questions either on the blog posts themselves or on our Facebook page. We’ll try to respond promptly and give you an answer directly. Some questions may warrant further discussion and information, and may become entire blog posts!


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Thanks for reading, hope to see you back here for more posts in the future. Now, go drink some water!