Wolfforth Soft Water Systems

Interested in getting a Wolfforth soft water filter system so that you can finally stop hard water damage in its tracks? Hard water leaves its trail wherever it goes. From soap scum to clogged pipes, hard water is a serious problem for homeowners.

For over 50 years, homeowners have turned to Culligan for reliable water filtration systems in Wolfforth TX. Not only do you get filtered water that is clean, but you also get our top-end Wolfforth water softener system that protects faucets, appliances, and so much more!

Why Should You Pick Us?

Obviously, there are huge advantages to switching to a Wolfforth soft water filter and utilizing water filtration systems in Wolfforth TX, but why should you choose us specifically? What sets us apart from the rest? There are a few reasons why we’re the best in the business, including the following:

  • You have the option to buy or rent. We know you want flexibility and that not all options are best for all customers. We’ll find a deal that works for you.
  • Ours is an all-inclusive service, meaning you get free maintenance when you choose to rent with us. You won’t be hit with extra costs after you choose our water softener system in Wolfforth TX.
  • We believe in our systems, but, if anything ever goes wrong, we’re here to help, 24/7.
  • We have been owned and operated by the same family for more than five decades. With 52 years of experience, we know this industry. We also understand how important our name is, and we work hard to show that we have the best Wolfforth water filtration systems, year in and year out.
  • You’re not forced into a contract. We’ll find a solution that fits your needs and your budget.

It’s important for you and your family to have the best soft water filter in Wolfforth TX. To find out more about our Wolfforth soft water filter, please call us today!

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Customer Reviews

Each week we get new customer reviews from service calls and installing new equipment.
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Service man very professional in greeting, work and explanation of procedures. Water tastes good.

Carl R., December 2016Lubbock, TX

I love the water system! The service today was great! He was on time, very polite and respectful of me and my time.

Wonderful L., December 2016Lubbock, TX

Joe, the Culligan man was extremely efficient on to looking and checking everything that was to be working correctly and even disinfected our water spout. Great guy!

Howard M., December 2016Lubbock, TX