Bottle-Free® Water Coolers

Culligan Ascent Bottleless Water Cooler

Bottle-Free® Water Coolers give you virtually unlimited, pristine, and healthy “bottle quality” drinking water in your office without all the heavy bottles!

  • Touch-free water cooler
  • Bottled-quality water
  • Ice-cold and Piping Hot water
  • Up to 100 Gallons per day of delicious drinking water
  • Exceptionally sanitary with built-in Ultraviolet light on various cooler models
  • No leaking bottles
  • Up to 44 lbs of bullet ice per day with some models

Why should you start using a Bottle-Free® Water Cooler Today?

In most businesses, sinks aren’t always readily available and many people like to have both hot and cold water available instantly. So at Culligan Water of Lubbock, we set out to find a better solution to bottled water in offices.

What we found were Bottle-Free® Coolers. These coolers produce bottled water quality water right in your office.

At Culligan Water of Lubbock will take care of everything for you!

From easy, hassle-free installation to our top-quality ongoing service.

We have been helping our customers produce bottled water quality water right at their sink for decades.

Going above and beyond is important to us. You can rest assured that you’ll be 100% satisfied with our services.

What our clients say

Becky Estes
Becky Estes
Great experience! Would recommend to all!
Leo Pineda
Leo Pineda
Installation went smoothly and transaction went well with their sales rep.
Rick Kloiber
Rick Kloiber
Good, quality product. Dependable service.

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