Commercial Water


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Culligan has Solutions for any Business in Lubbock

Culligan Lubbock is proud to supply better water solutions to a wide assortment of businesses that serve Lubbock residents and visitors every day. From Reverse Osmosis systems for restaurant drinking fountains to industrial-sized water softeners for hotels, Culligan has a solution for any business, big or small.


Soft Water can save you money

Hard water damages your expensive equipment and pipes and leaves you paying for repairs or replacements earlier than otherwise necessary. Soft water saves you that money, and more. Cleaning is easier, less expensive due to less soap needed, and leaves everything cleaner. Towels, dishes, and anything else cleaned with soft water avoids buildup from soap scum, meaning cleaner items with less work.

Rent or Purchase

Culligan has many options to fit any budget. We will work with you to find the best solution for your business.

Great Tasting Water for Your Customers

Culligan removes all of the minerals that make your water taste bad.  This allows you to serve superior tasting tea, coffee, lemonade, soda, ice, and of course – water!

Maintenance Program

Culligan’s preventive maintenance program means you don’t have to worry about anything. We will schedule regular visits to test your equipment and make sure it is working properly.

industries we serve:

  • Assisted Living
  • Auto/Window Wash
  • Beauty Salons
  • Botanical
  • Commercial Laundry
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Recreation Centers
  • Restaurants
  • Small Manufacturer
  • Educational Facilities
  • Entertainment Industry
  • Food Service
  • Grocery
  • Health Science/Medical Labs
  • Healthcare/Lodging – Hotel, Motel & Apartments
  • Mechanical Contractors
  • Spas
  • Theme Parks
  • Metal Finishing
    • Plating
    • Anodizing
    • Parts Washing
    • Powder Coating

“Quality Water with No Worries” is our promise to you.

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