There are many great benefits to Culligan Water Treatment, however here are the top 6:

#1: Water Treatment Saves Money on Energy Bills

According to a study performed at the University of New Mexico, softened water can reduce hot water heating costs nearly 30% (21.7% to 29.6%).

That means that with a Culligan water treatment in your home, you’ll save money every month when the electricity bill comes around!

This is why a Culligan water treatment can usually pay for itself in monthly savings.

electricity bill
Culligan Water Treatment Can Reduce Hot
Water Bills Up To 29%!
Culligan Water Treatment can increase the lifespan of your washing machine, dishwasher, & water heater

#2: Water Treatment Extends the Life of Water-Using Appliances

Chlorine and hard water can cause serious damage your water-using appliances, which means you’ll have to replace them sooner rather than later.

By using a Culligan water treatment, you can increase the lifespan of your dishwasher, laundry machine, coffee pot, humidifier, and hot tub!

Considering how expensive these appliances are, doesn’t it seem like a smart investment to make sure that you have clear, soft water flowing through them so you can put off having to replace your expensive dishwasher and laundry machine?

#3: Water Treatment Extends the Life of Plumbing

Hard water has the same effect on your pipes as it does on appliances: it causes a buildup of minerals and other materials that can clog your pipes, reduce your water pressure, and cause all sorts of plumbing nightmares.

With Culligan water treatment, you’ll be ensuring that only clear, soft water runs through your house–helping your pipes to stay in better condition and last longer.

Plus, by keeping your water pressure strong, you’ll have more enjoyable showers every morning!

Culligan water will help keep your pipes in better condition
Home water treatment can help your glasses look sparking clear & clean

#4: Water Treatment Will Keep Your Home Cleaner Longer (And Be Easier to Clean)

Untreated water causes all sorts of issues around the home. It can create rings and stains on your bathroom fixtures, and also causes streaking in your glasses (this could be why your dishes never seem to come 100% clean in the dishwasher).

But with Culligan water running through your home, that will all be a thing of the past. Your home will naturally stay cleaner, because there will be much less hard-water buildup around your fixtures and on your glasses.

Also, because soft water is easier to rinse clean, washing your home will be faster & easier! Your floors will come clean much more easily because you won’t have that film and soap scum that hard water leaves behind. Plus, you won’t have to use as much soap (a study by the Batelle Institute revealed that a water softener reduces soap usage up to 75%!)

#5: You’ll Have Noticeably Better-Looking Skin & Hair

With Culligan treated water, you can say goodbye to soap build-up on your skin and hair. Skin stays softer and healthier when its natural oils are allowed to remain and aren’t covered by a mineral build-up.

When you rinse with Culligan water, soap & other products will wash out easier. You’ll also be able to use gentler soaps, and your skin will feel softer and cleaner. Many people also report that rough, dry skin diminishes naturally with soft water.

Without a buildup of minerals in your hair, you’ll find that your hair is softer and easier to manage, brush, and de-tangle. Finally, if you color your hair, it will keep its radiant new color longer if it’s washed with soft water.

woman washing her hair in hairsalon
Treated water can help give you salon-quality hair, everyday
Home Water Treatment Can Help Your Glasses Look Sparking Clear & Clean

#6: Culligan Water Treatment Keeps Your Clothes and Towels Bright & Soft

Untreated water doesn’t just cause problems in your appliances & pipes–it also wreaks havoc on your laundry!

With Culligan water treatment, you’ll notice that your clothes won’t fade or lose their color as quickly. Instead, your clothes will maintain their bright, vibrant color–so they look (and feel) new, longer.

You’ll also be pleasantly surprised to find that your towels stay fuller and fluffier.This means that you can also save money on clothes & towels, because your clothes will stay in better condition and continue to look great for years!

Does my water need to be treated?

There’s an easy way to find out with a free water test from Culligan. Simply fill out the form below to learn more from one of our friendly associates. Armed with the knowledge of exactly what’s in your water, you’ll be able to choose the best water treatment system for your home. Please note: Your water test is 100% free, and you are under no obligation to buy anything, whatsoever. It’s 100% risk-free.

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