Your Water Will Taste Terrific!

Dissolved solids in your tap water make it taste bad. The Culligan Drinking Water System filters and removes 95% of the dissolved solids. Your filtered water will taste terrific. It will be the same or even better quality than bottled water.

Easy, Simple and Convenient

The Culligan System fits under the kitchen sink with a separate faucet mounted on the kitchen sink. You have all the water you need right at your fingertips.

Fantastic Ice

The Culligan Drinking Water System can be hooked up to your refrigerator. You will get great tasting water and ice coming right from your refrigerator. Your icemaker will also be protected because all the dissolved solids that can damage icemakers have been removed.

Drinking More Water Makes You Healthy

Since the Drinking Water System makes your water taste good, you will drink more water. Everyone knows that doctors say to drink 8 glasses of water per day. You will drink less coke, tea and coffee because you will like drinking the water.

No More Bottles to Buy

How much time and money do you spend going to the store and buying bottled water? The Culligan System eliminates the need to buy bottled water.

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We test the water and the equipment over and over. Because of our extensive tests over the last 20 years, we know the water in and around Lubbock and we know the best equipment to treat the water. We test every piece of equipment multiple times before it ever leaves our Lubbock plant. By testing the water that comes out of our equipment, we know exactly what the equipment is doing and if it is working properly.

We test it in our plant, we test it before it leaves our plant, we test it when we install it in your house and we test it every 12 months.

Every 12 Months

We come and replace your entire Drinking Water System every 12 months. We put in a completely rebuilt, refurbished, cleaned and sanitized system with new filters and tubing that has been tested multiple times to make sure it is producing the highest quality water possible. You don’t have to remember to change filters or call us when its time. We take care of everything.

Reverse Osmosis Technology

The Culligan Drinking Water System uses a reverse osmosis membrane to remove 95% of all the dissolved solids in the water. This is what makes your water taste good.

Rental Program

  • Pay for one month at a time and you can cancel any time
  • Save money by not having to purchase expensive equipment
  • All maintenance and filter changes are included in the monthly fee
  • All service calls are included in the monthly fee
  • We let you know when it’s time for service – you don’t have to remember to call us
  • We take care of everything

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